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HL Company and Tianshui Normal University Hold a Cooperation and Exchange Symposium

  On July 13rd a.m., Wang Xulin, vice dean of Tianshui Normal University, totally 7 people visited HL to discuss matters related to the cooperation between the institute and enterprises to build the project of "Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Industry Institute" and "Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Technology Industry Research Institute". 
  President He Kehong warmly have reception the arrival of visiting team, during which the leaders of the college and enterprise had an in-depth conversation. Dean Wang introduced the basic situation of the college, professional settings, talent training characteristics, and school-running achievements and the original intention and purpose of establishing the "Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Industry Institute" and "Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Technology Industry Research Institute". President He pointed out that Tianshui Normal University, as the most large-scale and influential institution of higher learning in the region, has strong talent and teaching force, and the cooperation between the two parties has a unique geographical advantage, hoping to seek deep cooperation in talent transportation and many other aspects, and use the advantages of college professionals, environmental resources, experimental conditions and other advantages to help enterprises solve difficulties and blocking problems in actual production, and leave local students to local enterprises. The joint establishment of the "Industry-University-Research" project by schools and enterprises is in response to the action development strategy of "strengthening science and technology, strengthening industry, strengthening provincial capitals, and strengthening county areas" implemented by the country, provinces and cities. Enterprises will actively cooperate to jointly promote the smooth development of this project, truly make the project solid and detailed, convert the project results into actual productivity, and promote the common development of schools and enterprises.

  Afterwards, a symposium was hold. And two sides expressed suggestions and ideas on the project cooperation. Deputy general manager Shi Yi, briefly discussed and communicated with the institute on issues related to scientific research and technical cooperation, product process realization, testing and measurement, and product verification.
  General manager Bao Guangli and Dean Wang made detailed arrangements for the follow-up docking work of the project cooperation. Mr. Bao said that Tianshui Normal University has a very complete set of majors, which can meet the needs of various types of talents in enterprises, and has favorable conditions for in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises. It is hoped that the two parties will enhance their confidence in cooperation at a high level, form complementary resources, and early establish a strategic alliance, through the establishment of platform, promote the implementation of specific projects as soon as possible.

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