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HL Company Held a Commendation Conference for Innovation Work

  In order to create an innovative atmosphere in the enterprise, stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to participate in innovative work, and cultivate the enterprise innovation culture. On July 29 p.m., HL company held a commendation meeting for innovative work. President He Kehong, general manager Bao Guangli, deputy general manager Shi Yi, Zheng Wenkui, and related leader from the four major branches, technology research and development center, engineering research center, equipment department of truck wheel hub, energy management center, and human resources department, and the commended persons attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by general manager Bao Guangli.

  At the meeting, deputy general manager Zheng Wenkui read out the company's rationalization proposals and the commendation decision for innovation and improvement projects; Deputy general manager Shi Yi read out the commendation decision for technological innovation projects; General manager Bao Guangli read out the commendation decision for cost management projects. Subsequently, the company leaders awarded bonuses to the winning employees of innovative projects.

  Yao Liangliang from the Technology R&D Center and Dai Renzhong from plant 1 made speeches as representatives of engineering technology projects, and rationalization proposals, innovation projects respectively.

  Finally, president He put forward specific requirements on how to innovate and better promote the effective development of the work throughout the year in the second half of the year. He pointed out that all units of the company must use innovative thinking and means to plan all practical work in the present and the future. Every employee must have a sense of innovation, have innovative ideas, and tap potential innovations in practical wor, create innovative cognition and innovative atmosphere, give full play to everyone's ability to innovate, bring out a cohesive and combative team.

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