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Representatives of Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd. and Tianshui Zhonghang High-tech Abrasives Co., Ltd. Came to HL Company for Inspection and Exchange

  On August 16th a.m., Ma Yuansheng, deputy general manager of Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd, and Yang Yumin, president of Tianshui Zhonghang Hi-tech Abrasives Co., Ltd., and others came to HL company for inspection and exchange. HL president He Kehong, deputy general manager Shi Yi and director of the sourcing center Ma Minghao, participated in this discussion meeting.
  At the meeting, Mr. He Kehong firstly welcomed the arrival of inspection team, and then comprehensively introduced the basic situation, industrial layout, main market and other aspects of HL company. He hoped that both parties would continue to focus on the respective main businesses and core advantages, dig deeply into the new model of material purchasing cooperation, and continuously strengthen the depth and breadth of cooperation through communication and coordination mechanisms to achieve win-win development.
  Mr. Ma Yuansheng introduced the development history and product application of Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd in detail. He hoped that on the basis of existing cooperation, the two parties would extend the industrial chain, expand cooperation fields, strengthen exchanges, and strive to achieve more levels of deep cooperation.

  After the symposium, the inspection team visited the company's exhibition hall, plant 2 and 3 to learn on the spot about the bearing production process, information application, lean management, processing equipment and other aspects.

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