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Certification Audit of HL';s Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management System

  From August 22 to 26, HL carried out the certification audit of environmental and occupational health and safety management system (EMS and OHSMS), the audit was reviewed by Fangyuan Logo Company. 
  After four and a half days of intense work, the audit team successfully completed the scheduled audit plan. At the final audit meeting on August 26 a.m, the experts of the audit team reported the audit report and conclusions, fully affirming HL's performance in target indicators, document management, equipment management, energy management and other aspects of work, and at the same time put forward professional and pertinent suggestions and opinions on how to play the guiding role of EMS and OHSMS more effectively. The audit team unanimously believed that HL's EMS and OHSMS were operating effectively and continuously improved.   
  General manager Bao Guangli first expressed his heartfelt thanks to the audit team for their hard and fruitful work over the past few days. Simultaneously, he put forward specific requirements to further promote the implementation of the system. He hoped that all departments can provide training on employees’ occupational health and environmental protection and incorporate those into daily management.

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