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President’s Address
source:Hailin Zhongke

Dear customers and friends from all walks of life:
  Welcome to visit the website of Gansu Hailin Zhongke Science & Technology Co., Ltd.!

  Gansu Hailin Zhongke Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise restructured from the former company Tianshui Hailin Bearing Factory, mainly producing various types of bearings and related parts, with an annual output capacity of more than 30 million sets, an output value of more than 800 million yuan, and an export amount of 50 million US dollars. It is a back-boned enterprise in Chinese bearing industry and one of the first batch of enterprises for manufacturing and exporting mechanical and electrical products.

  Hailin’s major products, tapered roller bearings, are recognized as the first brand for tapered roller bearings in China, featuring many varieties and a full range of products. The company’s products are widely used in domestic and foreign automobiles, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, metallurgical machinery, petrochemical machinery, military industry, and other fields. We have the capacity to meet your various needs for bearings. Adhering to the concept of "reliance, pragmatism, diligence, innovation, development and win-win", I strongly believe that the cooperation between us will be very pleasant and will achieve your expected goals.

  Customers’ satisfaction is HL’s service principle!
  Strategic union is HL’s cooperation mode!
  Mutual benefit and win-win is HL’s business goal!
  Sincere thanks to every friend who pays attention to the website of Hailin company. Because of your understanding, trust concern and support, Hailin has been able to achieve the sustained and rapid development. By using HL Brand bearings, you’ve made an excellent action and the right choice. If you are still hesitant, please visit our website to dispel all your concerns and gain strong confidence in using HL bearings.

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