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ABOUT HL > Projects & Development
Projects & Development
source:Hailin Zhongke

HL future goal & strength & advantage
 Operation goal: production and sales increase 10% per year in which domestic market and international market take 50% respectively.
 Market goal: heavy truck (30%),engineering machinery(20%),agricultural machinery (15),transmission parts(15%),auto-wheel hub units( 10%),others(10%)
 Products goal: what we produce is what the markets need. Fine management is the warranty of the excellent projects
 Brand goal: the first brand for China tapered roller bearing
 Quality goal: all the parts and products must meet the technological requirements, and achieve design size and accuracy
 Performance goal: the annual average income would amount to 5% of sales revenue, and staffs’ salary increase 5% per year.
 HR goal: controlling the entire labors demand as one creates 200,000 yuan per year, which is the minimum output value. All the desirable personnel allocation is no less than 90%. Turnover rate (including job transfer) cannot be more than 5%. 

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