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Gansu Hailin Zhongke Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has a "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" and "Gansu Province Engineering Research Center", was identified as "Gansu Province Technological Innovation Business Model," which consists of Product Development Center, Quality Control Center, measuring , physics and chemistry, life and dynamic performance of four specialized laboratories.
The Center specialized engineering and technical personnel more than 130 persons, 7 persons with senior professional titles, 75 persons with middle class professional titles, 43 persons with primary titles. R & D staff 30 persons, experiment researchers 30 persons; have bearing industry professional members 5 persons, 1 visiting professor at Lanzhou University of Technology, 1 leading scientists in Tianshui city.

The Centre combined to "producing, learning and researching" modes, cooperated in the technical and trained the personnel with Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, Henan University of Science and Technology, Lanzhou University, Xi'an University of Technology, and exchanged with the United States and Japan and other international famous enterprises in technological and built a platform for technological innovation.




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